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Our Services

HB2 Resources provides both strategic and execution guidance in brand management as a partner inside corporations both large and small. We act as an adjunct creative leadership team , supplementing the staffs of client companies. The partners at HB2 are skilled at integrating seamlessly into the departments and cultures of the clients for whom we provide support, both strategic and tactical.

Our “been there done that” experience, resource network, and contacts allow us to provide multiple levels of services and solutions depending upon client needs. HB2 provides expert guidance and resources to firms and individuals that range from start-up, to reinvention, to turn-around. Leveraging its talents, contacts and experience, HB2 enables its clients access to a powerful and profitable level of thought and implementation.

Strategic Services

  • Two Day Visioning Workshop
    • Research
    • Creative Brainstorming Sessions
    • Develop our Working Hypothesis
  • Strategic Planning
    • Develop Strategic Plan
    • Advice on Annual Operating Plan
    • Development of Performance Metrics
    • Business P & L development for small retailers
  • Establishing an effective communications architecture
  • Retained consulting advice to senior managers (ceo, cmo, cmo, coo)

Implementation Services

  • Creating a prepared culture – The following workshops are available:
    • Managing Change
    • Recognizing strengths and opportunities for improvement
    • Developing roles and responsibilities descriptions
    • Selecting Associates
    • Developing Selling Skills
    • Developing a Clientele Process
    • Soothing the Angry Customer
  • Managing For Results
    • Managing by Success Principles
    • Understanding and using communications preferences to improve relationships (Myers-Briggs)
    • Managing Conflict
    • Success through the Root Cause/Action Planning Problem solving method
    • Unleashing Creativity
    • Accepting Accountability
    • Guiding Difficult Conversations

Internal Brand Management Services

  • Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy Preparation, with Ad and PR agency
    • Development of Annual Marketing Calendar
    • Development of Unifying Marketing Message, words and aesthetics
    • Collateral Guidance
    • Research
    • Channel and distribution strategy
    • Trend analysis
  • Merchandising
    • Product Development
    • Merchandise Analysis
    • Store, Showroom Design and Visual Merchandising
    • Assortment Planning
    • Market Tours and Strategy
    • Trend tours and reports
    • Color Themes
    • Fabric Assortment , Selection and Development
  • Sales Management
    • Selecting Associates
    • Developing sales strategy
    • Key Account support, Distribution channel planning
    • Rep visits and consultations as required
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Brand Planning from the inside out
    • Trend and business assessment
    • Culture and its role in Profitablity
    • Change Management
    • Communications Preferences
    • Creativity and Innovation and Profit
  • Assistance to the Financial Community
    • Industry advice for mergers and acquistions

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