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About Our Company

HB2 Resources is a management consulting firm that provides strategic advice, implementation expertise and adjunct creative services primarily to the home furnishings industry.

HB2 Resources believes that strong brands are built through the careful coordination of visual cues. For a brand to be crisp, clear and effective, the function of sales, marketing and merchandising should be united under a single vision, aesthetically, culturally and operationally.

  • brandsMarketing : Including logos, name, advertising, pr, web strategy, channel choices, including real estate selection, signage, pos materials and collateral
  • Merchandising : Including product, display, store and showroom design, and in-store environments
  • Sales Force : Including selection, appearance, style, apparel, diction, relationships and contacts, selling skills and training

Usually it takes a strong internal creative visionary and/or director to coordinate all of these elements. It is a bit like “herding cats” but with a good vision and process and the right people who are coordinated and engaged, it can be well done. HB2 was created to help guide companies with any one or all of these three categories—vision, process, people. As an adjunct creative team, we coordinate with the internal teams, senior management and external agencies and service providers to create exceptional results.

HB2 exists to bring visions to life, tactically and practically. Our “art and science” approach combines strong analytical skills and consumer focused trend watching, allowing us to create profitable programs for success. We are business people with a penchant and passion for design and we understand that the end result we are seeking is a healthy and profitable experience. Financial success for our clients is our goal. And we do hope to have a little fun on the way.
But the new resources at our fingertips also give us the opportunity to go beyond just paper writer selling books.

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