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HB2_PathwayToProfitHB2 has developed an assessment and execution process we refer to as the Pathway to Profit.

The process typically begins with a period of research and creative brainstorming around a client’s challenge that leads to a working hypothesis that sets out and defines a client’s situation

Step two is the development of strategic and tactical initiatives, and the setting of metrics to measure progress, that leads to an action plan for proceeding with the engagement.

Step three is one we find often undervalued and over looked. But we firmly believe that to successfully move forward with a clients goals, attention to cultural understanding and the engagement of a broad base of associates in the process of understanding their part to play and the level of collaboration that will be needed from each of them, is critical to the over all success and smooth operation of a project.

The final step is to begin the execution, measurement, critical communications, and managing for results, so that the process achieves the desired goals. At this point we believe a self-sustaining cycle of continual improvement will start to take hold as evaluations, action plans, and results all become mutually supportive.

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